Dubai real estate investment: how and why

Villas for investment in Mohammed Bin Rashid City include residential and commercial stock, high-rises and detached houses, residential complexes, and modern apartments. Huge, tall buildings and various projects are delivered in the shortest possible time. For several decades, the desert, located on the site of the modern metropolis, has become one of the most advanced cities in the world. Real estate buyers and investors from around the world rushed here.

Benefits of Investing

– Sun and sea
Dubai has over 345 sunny days a year. You can enjoy the sun and the sea all year round.

– Developed infrastructure
Dubai is considered one of the most modern cities. Everything here is designed for maximum comfort.

– High security
The United Arab Emirates ranks second in countries with the lowest crime rate.

– Tax 0%
Ownership of real estate and income from it is not taxed for the owner within the jurisdiction of the UAE.

– Affordable price
In Dubai, housing prices are lower than in Europe. The price of a square meter of fully finished apartments starts from $1,300.

– High rental income
Property in Dubai, especially residential property, can generate high current rental income. The net income from renting out real estate is, on average, 5-10% per annum.

Area Mohammed Bin Rashid City

The project was based on four main components.
– Family tourism. The project provides a green park 30% larger than the famous London Hyde Park. There is also a large family entertainment center, considered the largest in the Middle East, including about a hundred different modern hotels.
– Retail. In MBR City, the construction of the largest shopping center in the world, called “Mall of the World,” was planned; the total area of ​​the facility will be about 4.5 million square meters, and it is expected that the shopping center will receive more than 180 million people annually. There will also be many other shopping centers, where boutiques and shops of top world brands will be presented.
– Business. MBR City will be an excellent place to develop innovation and entrepreneurship at various levels. The area assumes the presence of a large number of various business centers.
– Art galleries. The area will be equipped with a separate area of art galleries, which will be the largest in the city.

Location and transport

MBR City connects to the Business Bay and Downtown areas. From the latter’s center to MBR City is only an 11-minute drive. A direct bus from the center of Dubai to the area is not yet provided; you can use bus line 84 and then a taxi; the trip will cost about $8, and the journey will take about an hour. If you use only a taxi, the travel time will be reduced by about half, and you will have to pay about $15.

It is best to use a taxi or private car in the area, but there are also public transport stops. Airports and metro stations are also nearby.

Investment attractiveness

MBR City was created to attract business and investment. This is a great option for investors who want to make long-term profitable investments. Particular attention should be paid to the low building density of the area; huge areas for green spaces will be allocated here. Real estate in Dubai shows a regular increase in value and demand. Investments in MBR City look promising because the project is currently under implementation; in the future, its popularity and attractiveness will only increase.

Why is it convenient to cooperate with an agency to invest in real estate for rent in Dubai

If investments in the foreign real estate market, in particular in the Dubai market, are already a “passed” stage, or if you have the knowledge and experience to sort out this issue on your own, it is not necessary to contact specialists. Although for those who know how to choose profitable objects for investment, a real estate agent may be useful. If it also offers the services of a management company.

So, why should you contact an agency if you have plans to invest in Dubai real estate for further renting out for the short or long term:
– the agency has a database with highly liquid and popular projects that are not freely available. Therefore, the chances of finding an object for profitable investment are much higher;
– real estate specialists take care of all stages of the procedure for buying a home or commercial premises – from searching for options to support when signing a deal;
– the agency can cooperate with designers – if the developer puts the property into operation without repair or you need to update the interior of the apartment, this stage can also be delegated to specialists and save you time;
– agents offer real estate insurance services, which will help recover losses in case of possible damage to property;
– a real estate agency often performs the functions of a management company; that is, when renting out premises, it can be delegated to advertise apartments in Dubai, search for tenants, resolve issues with repairs, control payments, move in and out, etc.

A real estate agent is also a full legal support. Specialists will prepare a lease agreement, register the property, ensure there are no outstanding utility bills, and take care of any paperwork issues.

Buying residential property in Dubai for a short-term lease

“If you want the maximum benefit, buy a property and rent it out for a short period. This method brings 1.5-2 times more income than the long-term rental of housing,” says experts from the Emirates.Estate, which has been operating in the real estate market for more than 10 years.

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